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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tri Valley University Students - Updated Status Info

This is really a good news about the Tri Valley University Indian Students.  American government removed the tracking tag (electronic tracking device) from Tri Valley University's Indian Student.

Based on the Fake Visa processed by the Tri Valley University, US government closed the Tri Valley University & they tied a tracking device to many of the Indian students.

Indian Government Minister S.M.Krishna yesterday reached America, and a news started spreading that, Electronic Tag has removed from one of the Indians Student Karthikeyan and his Sister. However, Karthikeyan said that Indian government did not take any action for removing the tag. He tried with the help of one advocate in America. They have given an application to the the Embassy after that only their tags got removed.  Anyways all other students also following Karthikeyan’s way to remove the Electronic Tag from their Legs.


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