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Friday, October 29, 2010

Old City Hyderabad Pani Puri

           During a rainy day, if we taste a hot Pani Puri, surely it will be a wonderful experience. At Old City Aliabad, Pani puri will be very spice and served hot. Stuffing is made with boiled pea. It is heated by adding extra ingredients like chilly powder, salt, jeera powder and little water. Next pani is made very spice with kalla namak, chilly paste, kotmire paste and water. Hot boiled pea is stuffed inside this puri and dipped into the pani and served into a plate. It just melts in the mouth and surly it will be a spice moment. For 10rp they serve 6 puri. If you feel hot or more spice they will provide you a sweet puri on your request. Every one must taste this Old City Hyderabad pani puri atleast once. 

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