Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds

Starlet is one of the brands among Malabar, Mine which are especially made for kids by Malabar Golds and Diamonds Jewellery. Their fun variety design is very attractive to children and is unique to suit all categories of children. The metals used for creating Starlet collections are 100% child-safe and non-hazardous. Also it does not have sharp edges which may hurt kids while playing. There are hundreds and hundreds of new variety of designs for age group of 1-10 years. The Starlet designs are fun, playful and attractive to kids. Kids love to wear the Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds collections. You have seen Starlet collections in TV advertisements too.
Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds
Starlet Collection includes Pendant, Chains, Bracelets and Bangles for your wonderful and lovely children. They do have Chotta Bean Collections and Dora Collections which are most famous characters among playful kids. You can find wide-eyed fish pendants, butterfly designs and flower designs collections here.

Baby Birth Gifts
You can rejoice the birth of new born in your family with marvelous and trendy jewelry from Malabar Baby Birth Gift Collection. Gold Baby Birth Gifts collection will be the best gift for a new born baby. One will be surprised to see lots and lots of new fashionable designs for new born babies on Malabar online shopping. You can get jewels either in 18 carats or 22 carats.

Malabar Baby Birth Gift Collection includes Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bangles. You can find all details about a selected ornaments in Malabar Online shopping like brand name, design type, gold purity, wearing style, gold color, ring size (Indian), shape and size. One can sign up with our website of Malabar Gold and Diamonds and receive a gift voucher worth five hundred rupees. It is also available in Twitter and Facebook.
Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds Starlet Malabar Golds and Diamonds


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