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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GOLD NANO CAR – 24 Carat Gold

Tata group is an innovative designer who brought affordable cars to the Indian masses across the rural and sub-urban in India. Titan Industries owned Goldplus has made an unaffordable car designed. Tata Group introduced a Nano car which is made up of gold and silver which studded with precious stones worth of 22 crores. Gold Nano Car  gold and silver car 

This is the fully functional car, it is a unique branded initiative by Goldplus jewellery, which is part of Titan Industries, a Tata Group company. Gold plus jewellery celebrates their 5000 years of jewellery making industry in India has made a world first jewellery car It’s not new to Goldplus jewellery they have made a world biggest bangle which is 6ft in diameter and 25kg of gold has been used, now they have made a world first jewellery car.

gold nano car

The body of the car is 80 Kgs 22 carats solid gold, 15kg silver with precious stone, including diamonds, rubies, emerald and other most precious gems. 14 techniques of jewellery making put their effort in making this car. The car is most elegant with the colorful meenakari work and the stunning kundan which gives the Indian traditional look to the Nano. Look close eye on the car there is no one will deny the workmanship and the beauty of the car.

The stones are sparkling and glittering like stars. Most of the VIPs were present in the inaugural function Titan Managing Director Bhaskar Bhat, C.K. Venkataraman the COO of jewellery division and TATA family and so on. The car has been unveiled by Tata group chairman Mr.Ratan Tata. After the glittering launch in Mumbai, the Goldplus Nano car will travel to all the Goldplus showrooms at 29 locations across the country.

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