Arvind Swamy Divorce

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arvind Swami  born on 18th June 1970. He is well known actor in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi. His greatest hits are Roja, Thalapathy. Aravind Swamy (Age 40) married with Gayathri (Age 42) in 1994. They have one daughter (Aathira) and son (Ruthira).

They got some problem with their marriage life since 2003 and they started living separately. Meantime they applied for Divorce  on May 31st 2009. Based on that Family court given them divorce. Gayathri can be with her children from Friday evening 6PM to Saturday evening 6PM. Also in summer holidays 7days she could live with her children. In case Aravind Swamy out of station for more than 15 days then he should inform to Gayathri.

Aravind swamy will pay 75 Lakhs rupees now and 1 Lakh per month to Gayathri as per court judgement.


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